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Randy Sprout

Randy Sprout

Los Angeles, CA


Born in Emmetsburg, Iowa in 1945, Randy Sprout began his art career in 1964 at the University of Iowa, printmaking and studying with Mauricio Lasansky and Dr. John Schultz. He graduated with a BA in fine arts from the University of Iowa in 1968 Army service in Korea interrupted his art for two years, after which he studied with Robert Heinecken, Jan Stussy, Ray Brown, Sam Amato, Richard Diebenkorn and Stanton MacDonald-Wright, in the UCLA Graduate School of Fine Arts. He was awarded an MA in 1972 and an MFA at UCLA in 1973. He had many shows during that time, including a One Man show at the Santa Barbara Art Museum. He also worked for Los Angeles County Museum of Art, with Ben Johnson, and got to restore many priceless prints for the Norton Simon Museum.

Working closely with Jan Stussy and Stanton McDonald-Wright, he began painting and his drawings began to get larger and better. In 1973, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to restore some Goya steel-faced etchings at the Prado, in Lisbon. Then Ruth Weisberg of the USC Department of Art reached out to him, and he worked there as an Associate Instructor in printmaking for 2 years. After that, he taught painting and printmaking for 4 years at the UCLA Art Extension then taught painting, printmaking and drawing at Pierce College. He coauthored the book “Innovative Printmaking” 1977 Crown Publishers, New York. In 2004 he gave a sold out lecture to Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angles with a re-creation of Synchrome Kineidoscope performance a machine he helped work on with Stanton MacDonald-Wright in early 1970.

He is a member of California Art Club, Southern California Plein Air Painters Association, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and on the Board of Directors for the California Art League. His work can be found in the following Collections: Archives Ohlone College, Fremont, California Grunwald Graphic Art Center, U.C.L.A. Photographic Collection, School of Fine Art, Ohio State University, Photographic Collection, Oakland Museum of Fine Art, California
44 U.S. Embassies around the world, Photographic Collection, U.C .L A
Fall River Art Association, Mass. Photographic Collection, School of Fine Art, University of lowa. Print Collection of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Flint Institute of Arts

He still lives in the foothills of Los Feliz with his wife of 46 Years, the former Dawn Eberle and has 3 children, Barrett 33 Laurel 36, and Robert 39. He now divides his time between painting, real estate management, and fishing on his boat the FORTUNA.


Paradise Cove by Randy Sprout


Jim's Mom Lois by Randy Sprout


Little Jessica and Her Hat Malibu Pier by Randy Sprout


Key Hole Arch En plein air by Randy Sprout


Key Hole Arch Warm Up Sketch SOLD by Randy Sprout


Key Hole Arch Laguna by Randy Sprout


Skim Boarding at Pearl Beach Now Sold by Randy Sprout


Avalon Beach July 4th by Randy Sprout


Carmel Beach Winter by Randy Sprout


Waverly Hotel by Randy Sprout


Workers On La Rambla Now Sold by Randy Sprout


El Pensador by Randy Sprout


Barcelona Begger by Randy Sprout


Sketch of Potenza by Randy Sprout


End of The Day Fishing Boats Genoa by Randy Sprout


Dusk Falls On the Road to Malaga by Randy Sprout


Waiter on La Rambla by Randy Sprout


Barcelona Street Sketch by Randy Sprout


Reflections of Catalina by Randy Sprout


Nude Family Pool by Randy Sprout


Eric in The Lilies by Randy Sprout


Corfu Beached Fishing Boats by Randy Sprout


Dusk Falls Over Procida Fleet by Randy Sprout


Wooden Boat Finland by Randy Sprout


Iowa Prairie Grasses by Randy Sprout


Evening Falls on The Procida Fleet by Randy Sprout


Procida Fishing Boats End of The Day by Randy Sprout


Merced River Bank by Randy Sprout


Malibu Shore Abstraction by Randy Sprout


Margo's Poppy by Randy Sprout


El Pescador Beach Storm Coming In by Randy Sprout


Avalon in the Fog by Randy Sprout


Boys on Raft Avalon by Randy Sprout


Fortuna On The Spot by Randy Sprout


Peggys Cove Dingy Haul Out by Randy Sprout


Looking Forward by Randy Sprout


Malibu Looking North by Randy Sprout


Camille in Ferndell by Randy Sprout


Merry Christmas after Rembrant by Randy Sprout


Peggys Cove 3 Fisherman by Randy Sprout


Picnic By The Lake with Laurel by Randy Sprout


Forest Light by Randy Sprout


Ingham Lake Curve by Randy Sprout


My 1931 Internation Truck by Randy Sprout


Cortona Side Street Via S.Nicolo by Randy Sprout


Water Lilly Pads Revisited at Sunset by Randy Sprout


Water Lilly Bed by Randy Sprout


El Pescador Beach Storm Coming In by Randy Sprout